Test Proctoring

Wilsonville Library provides free test proctoring to the community under limited circumstances. Test takers do not need to be library cardholders or residents of any specific geographic area. We will proctor tests given online or sent to us by postal mail. We will usually allow test taking at any time the library is open, assuming a previous reservation has been made.

Please provide the testing institution with our contact information:
Adult Services Librarian, Greg Martin
Wilsonville Public Library
8200 SW Wilsonville Road
Wilsonville, OR 97070

Ph: 503-682-2744

How to set up a test proctoring session
  • If there is an initial agreement to be filled out and sent in, it will be signed by the librarian on duty at the time the agreement is presented.
  • Tests will be proctored by a reference librarian, although due to scheduling, the test may be proctored by a different librarian than the one who originally signed the agreement.
  • We are happy to check identification, ensure that no notes, calculators, or textbooks are used, etc. However, due to time constraints, we are unable to proctor tests that require a proctor to remain in a closed room with a student throughout the exam.
  • We can return tests by scan / email, fax, or postal mail, as requested. Any postage required to return testing materials must be provided by the student at or before the time of testing.
  • Tests that need to be returned by overnight methods other than scanning/emailing or prepaid US Postal Service may be assessed a $5.00 service fee per exam.
  • The student is responsible for verifying the test's arrival at the library, arranging a time to take the test, and ensuring that sufficient time is available during the library's open hours (our hours appear at the right).
  • Online tests will be taken in the public internet area of the library, allowing for limited, line-of-sight supervision by the test proctor. There may be ambient noise or disturbance from other nearby internet users.
  • Staff is able to type in passwords and turn off pop-up blockers, but is unable to install specialized software for testing purposes.
  • Please note that any cell phones, calculators, backpacks, and other items you bring with you that are not specifically allowed for testing will be held for you during the testing period.
Please contact the Reference Desk at 503-682-2744 or by email to set up a proctoring session, or if you have questions.